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CyberQRT Case Study


CyberQRT’s Successful Path to FPGA Development

“Like almost every software developer, I had no FPGA experience before trying Merlin Compiler. In less than three days, I had my first FPGA implementation. Merlin drastically cut down the steep learning curve of FPGA development”

Alexis Marrero
Software Architect, CyberQRT

Simplifying FPGA development for software developers

Falcon Computing partnered with CyberQRT to implement of a set of security functions on an FPGA as part of a cross-communication solution to be deployed by a Federal Agency.

CyberQRT, a technology consulting firm that specializes in cyber security services in support of  Government, and Commercial customers, ran into a time and expertise challenge during a contract proposal. With limited hardware development experience and a short deadline to meet, CyberQRT developers searched the AWS Marketplace for solutions to their challenges. Merlin Compiler’s value proposition quickly resonated with the team of software developers at CyberQRT. After a single Merlin training session, CyberQRT’s lead software engineer was able to get a small design implemented on the FPGA without any previous hardware or OpenCL experience. With this, CyberQRT quickly met requirements of PoC stage and was able to successfully move to the next phase of the proposal.

CyberQRT then partnered with Falcon’s Acceleration Expert Team to implement the end-end solution & delivered it to its Federal Agency customer within 3 weeks. CyberQRT continues to use Merlin as they develop the next versions of their solution.

About CyberQRT and their application

CyberQRT is a technology consulting firm that specializes in cyber security and information technology services in support of  government, and commercial customers.

Use Case

Cross-NetSec domain solution on the public cloud as an alternative to specialized appliance hardware.

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