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Accelerated Genomics

Accelerate all your genome analytics across multiple clouds

Flexibility Powered with Acceleration

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has drastically reduced the costs of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). This is of great value to the industry of precision medicine all the way from the researchers to the genetic counselors as it makes it cost efficient to study the entire genome to provide a more complete view of structural variants. In return, these larger data sets create a computational challenge for bioinformaticians. Providing variant reports based on the raw reads files requires leveraging complex algorithms that can take days if not months to process.

Falcon Computing provides a genome analytics solution that solves this computational challenge by enabling high-performance computing that is simple to use. Delivered as an end-to-end solution on the public cloud or on-prem, the Falcon Accelerated Genomic Pipelines (FAGP) provides users the flexibility to access or skip any step of the pipeline to provide the best tools for your data.

FAGP Performance Superiority

Time (hrs)

Cost Savings

Falcon’s Cost Optimization Engine uses a combination of your NGS sample volume and your time constraints to provide a custom platform that delivers to your exact time and budget needs.

Users can expect 50% cost savings while experiencing 15X acceleration for variant calling pipelines. Whether it’s a few samples per month or higher than 10,000 sampler/year we have you covered!

Improved Flexibility

  • Accelerated GATK with access to intermediary files
  • Access or skip any step to enable the tools that best fit your data
  • Define your path to go from FASTQ to VCF

Optimized for High Performance

  • Run 15x faster than the original GATK Best Practices
  • End-to-end solution with I/O and memory optimizations on each step
  • Easy to adopt hardware acceleration on cloud & onsite

Scalable & Accurate

  • Process more samples onsite while leveraging a hybrid cloud solution
  • Maintain clinical grade sensitivity & specificity across platforms
  • Accelerate all of your genome sequencing with a trusted partner

Amy Cummings, MD

PMWC Precision Medicine World Conference

Falcon solution is so fast! What had taken me over a week to do on my computer cluster, I was able to do with the Falcon-accelerated Genomics pipeline in a few hours on AWS

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Genomics Datasheet

Cost-Effective Genomics Analytics White Paper

Cost-Effective Genomics Analytics White Paper

Accelerated Genomics on Xilinx FPGAs

Accelerated Genomics on Xilinx FPGAs

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