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Accelerated Genomics

Fast & Cost Effective Genomic Data Analysis

Falcon Accelerated Genomics Pipeline

The Falcon Accelerated Genomics Pipeline (FAGP) is a preconfigured solution for bioinformaticians and researchers aimed to lower cost and accelerate secondary analysis of somatic and germline pipelines. FAGP is an accelerated version of industry standard pipelines including the GATK Best Practices pipelines, BWA alignment tools, samtools, picard & htc. Our solution runs on CPUs & FPGAs both on-prem or on the public cloud in AWS, Huawei Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

With the Falcon Acceleration Genomic Pipelines, developers can continue to use their existing workflows with minimal code changes while also including extensibility to accelerate custom pipelines. With this solution, bioinformaticians can focus on variant analysis and insights to continue driving forward the fields of precision medicine and cancer research.

FAGP Performance Superiority

Time (hrs)

Cost Savings

Falcon’s Cost Optimization Engine uses a combination of your time constraint and sample count as inputs to provide a custom platform that delivers to your exact time and budget needs.

Users can expect 50% cost savings while experiencing a 10X acceleration on standard GATK best practices pipeline. Whether it’s a few samples per month or higher than 10,000 samples/year we have you covered!

Optimized for High Performance

  • Cluster-based software suite based on Spark/HDFS framework
  • Memory and I/O optimization
  • Pipeline hardware acceleration

True GATK Compatibility

  • Support for multiple GATK versions including 4.0
  • Best practices for germline and somatic pipelines
  • Matching GATK results for each step

Industry Scale Capability

  • Go beyond 12000+ genomes a year
  • Process higher sample volumes
  • Accelerated on-prem solutions

Amy Cummings, MD

UCLA Medicine

Falcon solution is so fast! What had taken me over a week to do on my computer cluster, I was able to do with the Falcon-accelerated Genomics pipeline in a few hours on AWS

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Genomics Datasheet

Genomics Datasheet

Cost-Effective Genomics Analytics White Paper

Cost-Effective Genomics Analytics White Paper

Accelerated Genomics on Xilinx FPGAs

Accelerated Genomics on Xilinx FPGAs

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