Falcon Computing @ Accelerated Computing Event (ACE) Toronto

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Falcon Computing @ Accelerated Computing Event (ACE) Toronto

Modern research is quickly running into computational challenges as part of the large growth in data sets collected. In parallel, specialized hardware such as GPUs and FPGAs are now part of the public cloud infrastructure.

ACE is a half-day event with expert talks focused on applications using hardware accelerators to provide solutions for the new generation of research. Falcon Computing’s Genomics Accelerated Pipelines for GATK created a lot of interest among genomics researches attending who are currently working with large data sets coming out of sequencers.

This was a great opportunity to connect with genomicists and bioinformaticians to learn more about their challenges and needs to continue improving our product. We look forward to connecting with this community next year. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6405123084134809600

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