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Falcon Acceleration for Life Science Applications

Accelerating Data processing workloads and GATK Pipelines

Since the launch of the Human Genome Project, this industry has been through a rapid data growth period that has taken it to become the third-largest commercial vertical market segment for the use of high-performance computing (HPC). HPC is key to modeling large biomolecular systems with the hope of continuing advancement in the fields of personalized medicine, crop production, and drug discovery. The complex modeling and analysis of these applications also come with the challenge for bioinformaticians to accelerate workloads in order to achieve quick and timely results while performing cost-effective analysis.

Within the life sciences industry, whole-genome analysis is one of the key applications that is rapidly expanding the use of HPC due to the large cost reduction of data collection by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) appliances. On top of the data growth, there is also been growth in the range of modeling approaches used across universities, genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare organizations.

Common Life Science Workloads
that Benefit from FPGA Acceleration:

  • Genomics & proteomics

  • Bio-engineering

  • Molecular dynamics simulation

  • Bioinformatics

  • Medical Imaging


Leverage End-to-end GATK Solution

Execute GATK best practices pipeline up to 12x times faster on both cloud and on-prem. Run 5 whole genomes or 24 whole exomes in a day.

Get Insights Faster

Parallelized algorithms on FPGA acceleration platforms result in up to 35X runtime improvement.

Leverage Existing Codebase

No need to rewrite working algorithms, simply recompile existing C/C++ with the Merlin Compiler for your choice of FPGA acceleration platforms.

Solution Spotlight: FAGP

Falcon Computing offers out-of-the-box accelerated GATK Best Practices for secondary genomics sequencing that can run the same pipelines up to 10x faster by leveraging FPGA technology. This solution works along with our general purpose C/C++ to FPGA acceleration to provide acceleration to custom and proprietary pipelines.

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Genomics Datasheet

Genomics Datasheet

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Cost-Effective Genomics Analytics White Paper

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Merlin Datasheet

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